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How to remove water from hydrogen chloride gas

(1) Dehydration of raw materials.Chlorine-alkali plant out of chlorine after concentrated sulfuric acid drying, can be fully dehydrated.So the water in hydrogen chloride synthesis comes mainly from hydrogen.In order to effectively remove the water in hydrogen, according to the different boiling points of hydrogen and water, according to Doyle's law of partial pressure, the hydrogen can be pressurized to about 0.4MPa and then cooled with circulating water.

(2) Deacidification of hydrogen chloride gas.Hydrogen chloride manufacturer said, hydrogen chloride gas deacidification mainly USES cooling methods, should ensure that hydrochloric acid does not crystallize and does not block the pipeline under the premise, as far as possible to reduce the cooling temperature.The hydrogen chloride gas in the hydrogen chloride synthesis furnace should not only be cooled by circulating water and air, but also be cooled by brine with lower temperature, so as to remove the water better.In addition, appropriately extending the residence time of hydrogen chloride gas in the deacidification system, making hydrogen chloride gas in better contact with refrigerant, can also remove water more effectively.For this purpose, acid mist filter with sufficient filtration area can be added into the deacidification system.

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