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What are the requirements for high purity hydrogen chloride pipeline

1. The "dead space" of non-flowing gas should be reduced in the pipeline, and there should be no blind pipe. Purge control device and multi-valve control device should be set between hydrogen chloride gas storage cylinder and gas equipment.

2, According to the distribution of gas equipment, hydrogen chloride gas pipe network should not be too large or too long.

3. For the gas equipment with different requirements on the purity of hydrogen chloride, it is advisable to use the graded high purity gas transport system.

4. According to hydrogen chloride manufacturers, separate supply zones should be planned for gases with different characteristics, which are generally divided into three zones: corrosive/toxic gas zone, combustible gas zone and inert gas zone.

5.The longer the distance, the higher the cost and the higher the risk. Generally, the reasonable design flow rate is 20mL /S, the flammable gas is less than 10ml/S, and the toxic/corrosive gas is less than 8ml/S.

To sum up, therefore, high purity hydrogen chloride, no matter in container or pipeline, needs special quality and installation requirements. We should strictly abide by the operating rules when using, and do not violate the operation rules.

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