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What are the understandings of hydrogen chloride gas packaging?

Speaking of hydrogen chloride gas, because of its particularity, there will be certain requirements in packaging, transportation and other steel industry. In addition, because the container containing hydrogen chloride gas is a cylinder, in order to make this gas safer, we should put it vertically. So what problems should we pay attention to in packing hydrogen chloride gas? Next, I would like to invite the staff of high purity chlorine gas to give a detailed introduction.

Hydrogen chloride gas packaging, we need to pay attention to a lot of things, because it has a special strong irritation, is also a non-combustible gas, but it dissolves in water after the corrosion is particularly strong. Therefore, when packaging it, we must use cylinders, and is the kind of high-pressure special use, but in liquid state. The special bottle is a seamless cylinder. The inside of the bottle is polished and the corrosion resistance of the bottle is very strong.

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