【Health science】Application of Laughing Gas in Oral Therapy
Time : 2024-06-19

Nitrous oxide, or nitrous oxide, is a colorless, sweet-smelling gas that can relieve anxiety by suppressing the central nervous system, narcotizing patients but maintaining consciousness. Nitrous oxide sedation has a slight amnestic effect, which can make patients forget the feeling of pain, discomfort, tension and anxiety. Compared with general anesthesia, which can make patients enter a state of unconsciousness, patients still have various perceptions of the outside world, and their consciousness always remains awake. Nitrous oxide has no functional damage to the heart, lung, liver, kidney and other important organs of the body. It does not undergo any biological transformation or degradation in the body, and only passes through the respiratory system. Most of the original drugs are discharged from the body with exhalation, and a very small amount is evaporated by the skin without accumulation. The advanced "N2O-02" gas mixing gas supply device sets a minimum mixing concentration ratio, and has a rapid oxygen supply device in emergency situations, and carries out relevant operations under the condition of proper control of N2O concentration and mixing gas flow. Therefore, N2O inhalation analgesia technology is the safest, most easily accepted and most widely used analgesia method in oral therapy at present, and is the first choice of oral outpatient analgesia strategy. However, in the process of diagnosis and treatment, although the patient's sedation is better, the physical and mental needs of the patient should be closely paid to avoid the occurrence of treatment failure. It is necessary to explain the working principle of nitrous oxide to adult patients or parents of children before the treatment of nitrous oxide sedation, strictly grasp the indications, and exclude contraindications.


Nitrous oxide sedation technology has been widely used in periodontal treatment, endodontic treatment, patients with obvious nausea, patients with tooth extraction fear and children over four years of age. It should be noted that the analgesic effect of nitrous oxide is not obvious, so patients will still be given local anesthesia during treatment. Although the simple application of local anesthesia can relieve the pain of patients, anesthesia needles and dental drills can aggravate the anxiety of children. Nitrous oxide sedation can effectively reduce patients' pain and anxiety, make patients cooperate with treatment, and improve patients' treatment compliance. In the process of nitrous oxide sedation, a doctor is responsible for the whole process, controlling the concentration and inhalation amount, and the operation is strict, even for children and elderly people with physical crossover. It is undoubtedly a good news for dental phobia patients.

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