How is Argon Stored and Transported?
Time : 2024-06-17

1.Storage Mode

High pressure storage: Liquid argon can be stored as a high pressure gas in a pressure vessel. In the argon plant, liquid argon is stably transported to a dedicated high-pressure tank where it is kept under high pressure. This method is suitable for small demand and short storage time.

Cryogenic storage: Liquid argon can also be stored as a cryogenic liquid. In argon plants, liquid argon is stored in special insulated vessels, such as double-layer vacuum vessels. This method can keep liquid argon at very low temperatures, reduce evaporation and loss, and is suitable for long-term storage and large capacity requirements.

2.Transport Mode

High-pressure gas tank transportation: Liquid argon stored in the form of high-pressure gas can be transported through a dedicated high-pressure gas tank. These gas tanks need to have a certain degree of tightness and pressure resistance to ensure safe transportation.

Cryogenic liquid tank truck transport: For liquid argon stored in cryogenic liquid form, a common mode of transport is the use of cryogenic liquid tank trucks. These tankers are equipped with insulated containers to keep the liquid argon at a low temperature. During transportation, it is necessary to keep the tank car stable to avoid liquid argon evaporation and leakage.

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Safety is an important consideration during liquid argon storage and transportation. Argon plants usually strictly comply with relevant regulations and standards, take necessary safety measures, such as regularly checking the safety of storage containers, tracking the use and flow of argon, and training employees to perform safe operations. In addition, the argon plant will establish an emergency plan to respond to emergencies and ensure the safety and reliability of the storage and transportation process.

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