Uses of Nitrogen
Time : 2024-06-20

The use of nitrogen is attributed to the stability and inactivity of nitrogen, and only in the case of low temperature and low pressure or discharge point will have a stop reaction, and it is also a non-toxic gas, more importantly, such a gas will not pollute the environment, the market cost is relatively low, so it is widely used.

The single molecule of nitrogen is relatively stable in the diatomic molecule, so it is widely used in our national economy and daily life.

Due to nitrogen's chemical inertness, it is commonly used as a shielding gas, such as in fruits, food, lamps, and bile. In order to avoid certain objects being oxidized by oxygen when exposed to air, supplementing the grain bin with nitrogen can make the food not moldy, not germinating, and retained for a long time. Liquid nitrogen can also be used as a deep refrigerant. As a refrigerant, it is often used in hospitals to remove spots, bags, beans and other operations, freezing spots, bags, beans and so on, but it is prone to scars, in fact, it is not recommended to use. High purity nitrogen is used as a carrier gas for chromatographs and other instruments. Used as a light annealing protective gas for copper pipes. High purity helium and high purity carbon dioxide are used as laser gases for laser cutting machines.


Nitrogen can also be used as a food gas and protective gas, because in the chemical industry, nitrogen is a very important shielding gas role, the same in the replacement of gas and cleaning gas process is a certain safety, but also to ensure the safety of other gases, especially in the production of aluminum products aluminum profile processing, aluminum rolling and other shielding gas. Used as a shielding gas for reflow and peak welding to improve welding quality. Used as a shielding gas in float glass production to prevent oxidation of tin tanks.


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