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What are the common storage methods for hydrogen chloride?

What are the common storage methods for hydrogen chloride?

Safety has always been the most noteworthy issue in modern industrial production. Because of the nature of hydrogen chloride itself, it has certain danger. Therefore, for hydrogen chloride manufacturers or demand manufacturers, the safe transportation of their products has become a very noteworthy matter. So how can hydrogen chloride be stored to ensure its safety? The following is a detailed introduction by the professionals of Zibo Dijia special gas Co., Ltd.

Generally speaking, hydrogen chloride is mainly stored in a cool, ventilated warehouse. Keep away from fire and heat sources. Storage temperature should not exceed 30 C. It should be stored separately from alkali and active metal powder. Mixed storage should not be avoided.

The storage area should be equipped with emergency leak handling equipment. Operating Notes: Close tightly, provide adequate local ventilation and comprehensive ventilation.

Notes for operation of high purity hydrogen chloride gas:

Operators must be specially trained to strictly follow the operating procedures for high purity hydrogen chloride gases. Operators are advised to wear filtered gas masks (half masks), chemical safety glasses, chemical protective clothing and rubber gloves. Avoid smoke. Prevent hydrogen chloride gas from leaking into workplace air.

Avoid contact with alkali and active metal powder. Particular attention should be paid to avoiding contact with water. Light loading and unloading during handling to prevent cylinders and accessories from being damaged. Equipped with leak emergency treatment equipment.

Some of the hydrogen chloride gases need to be purified in the process of production, and the high-purity chlorine gas, as a synthetic raw material, should also pay special attention to its storage in order to prevent other safety accidents.

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