Application of hydrogen chloride, an electronic special gas, in semiconductor and related fields
Time : 2023-10-16

About 110 types of electronic gas are used in semiconductor and related fields, with more than 30 common types.

The classification by component is as follows:

Silicon, arsenic, phosphorus, boron, metal hydrides, halides and metal hydrocarbons seven classes

Classification by use is as follows

Doping gas, epitaxy gas, ion injection gas, led gas, etching gas, chemical vapor deposition gas and equilibrium gas

Hydrogen chloride (HCL) gas is a corrosive gas of special gases, generally used as led gas and gas phase etching gas, used in wafer manufacturing to oxidize, control ion intrusion into oxide layer, remove unnecessary metal impurities and clean.

Because the precision of the product is getting higher and higher in the field of use, purification has become the biggest technical requirement in the preparation of electronic special gases.

Our company has been working hard for more than 30 years for the high purity preparation technology of hydrogen chloride. The finished products have been recognized by international users. Linde, TSMC and other famous enterprises have endorsed the product quality and service of our company.


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