Hydrogen Chloride Product Introduction
Time : 2024-04-18

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Hydrogen Chloride

Colorless, toxic, irritating, asphyxiating, non-flammable gas; Strong hygroscopic, hydrochloric acid is generated after absorbing water in the air, with strong corrosion;

Stored in cylinders in the form of liquefied gas, the pressure (3-6MPa) is constant, and its value is related to air temperature; Tin chloride, phosphorus trioxide, phosphorus bromide and other inorganic compounds, paraffin, ethanol, ether, acetaldehyde, ketone, acid ester, nitroso cyanide and other organic compounds can be well dissolved in hydrogen chloride, and can occur additional reaction or dehydration reaction;

Pure liquid hydrogen chloride does not react with most metals. However, it reacts with alkali metals, aluminum, manganese, iron, copper, tin, lead, zinc and other metals, and produces a protective film of chloride on its surface. When water is present, it reacts with the metal, forming metal chloride, and producing hydrogen.

HCL Specification

Impurity Content 1x10-6(v/v)

Iron ion conten


Application field


Monocrystalline silicon wafer gas phase polishing, epitaxy, base corrosion


20020050200--Fine chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

HCL Packing 

  Hydrogen chloride gas is a strong irritant, non-flammable gas, soluble in water has a strong corrosive. The product is packaged in high pressure special cylinders in liquid state. The special cylinder is a seamless steel cylinder, and the inside of the cylinder is polished. The bottle valve is corrosion-resistant 316L stainless steel diaphragm valve. The nominal pressure of the cylinder is 15MPa, and the working pressure is 5 to 6MPa.

Transport & Loading Requirement

1, transportation and loading and unloading of hydrogen chloride cylinders, must wear a good bottle cap, light loading and unloading, strictly prohibited throwing, sliding, rolling, touching.

2, the user's own car to pull the cargo, the cylinder should be placed flat in the car, the bottle mouth in the same direction, and properly fixed, the height of the bottle stack shall not exceed five layers, and shall not exceed the height of the carriage; The consigner entrusted by the user shall entrust the unit with the qualification for the transportation of hazardous chemicals and sign an agreement to ensure the safe transportation of the cylinder.


47L HCL Gas Loaing


880L HCL Gas Loading

Storage requirement

1, storage of hydrogen chloride cylinders warehouse should be ventilated, dry, avoid direct sunlight, no trenches, hidden passages, strictly prohibited open fire, away from heat sources.

2, the cylinder should be placed vertically, wear the bottle cap, properly fixed to prevent tipping.

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Use requirement

1. the use of the bottle valve exhaust nozzle and the production device is closely connected, strictly prohibit gas leakage.

2. the use of ambient temperature between -20℃ to 40℃.

3. Avoid sunlight exposure, and the distance from the open flame is not less than 10 meters.

4. The gas in the bottle shall not be exhausted, and the pressure of not less than 0.8MPa should be retained.

5. For intermittent use of the system, should first replace the system air with high-purity nitrogen, and then through hydrogen chloride into the use of the system and eliminate nitrogen, the system can be normal production. After production, hydrogen chloride in the system is replaced with high-purity nitrogen to prevent system corrosion. After hydrogen chloride is used, close the valve in time, remove the cylinder from the system, wipe all parts of the valve, and tighten the protective cap of the bottle tip.

6. The use of self-supplied cylinders, must be changed by the company, cylinder treatment, the user is not allowed to replace the bottle valve. If bottle valve is damaged, please ask our company to replace and repair it.

7. Hydrogen chloride special cylinder, no modification of other gases.

8. The cylinder body and valve are strictly prohibited from oil pollution.

9. When the cylinder exhaust speed is fast during use, the cylinder and pipeline frosting is normal, and hot water pouring is strictly prohibited; In order to avoid cylinder and pipeline frosting, when the gas consumption flow rate is greater than 2m3/h, a special gas supply device is required. We can provide special gas supply equipment.

10. When there is doubt about the safety and reliability of the cylinder, it should be inspected immediately. The safety inspection period of the cylinder is 2 years, and the cylinder beyond the safety inspection period shall not be used.

11. After the cylinder is generally used for one year, the company should be asked to help empty the residual liquid in the bottle and replace the valve body internals.

12. Organize workers and relevant management personnel to learn the "hydrogen chloride safety Technical instructions", familiar with the use of hydrogen chloride gas may occur accident hazards and first aid, rescue measures, and other knowledge and information.

Zibo Dijia Special Gas Co.,Ltd is a mainly engaged in hydrogen chloride gas service providers, the company has a number of hydrogen chloride gas professionals, decades as a day, has been adhering to the struggle of hydrogen chloride career.


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Main sales: industrial grade hydrogen chloride (purity: 99% annual sales: 2000 tons), chemical grade hydrogen chloride (purity: 99.8-99.9% annual sales: 500 tons), electronic grade hydrogen chloride (purity: 99.998-99.999% annual production: 20 tons), high purity chlorine gas (purity: 99.999-99.9995%), hydrogen sulfide gas (purity: 99-99.99%) and corresponding supporting equipment.

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