R134a Refrigerant Gas Characteristics & Applications
Time : 2024-05-29

1. Characteristics of R134a refrigerant gas

(1) Environmental protection characteristics: R134a refrigerant gas replaces the ozone-damaging R12 refrigerant gas, which is not only safe and environmentally friendly, but also does not cause damage to the atmosphere and ozone layer.

(2) Safety: R134a refrigerant gas is not flammable, not easy to explode, and will not cause harm to human body and the environment.

(3) Refrigeration effect: R134a refrigerant gas at room temperature refrigeration effect is relatively stable, suitable for high temperature environment refrigeration.

(4) Evaporation temperature: The evaporation temperature of R134a refrigerant gas is higher than that of R12 refrigerant gas, so the design and components of the refrigeration system need to be adjusted.

(5) Price stability: R134a refrigerant gas production technology is mature, low production cost, relatively stable price, is widely used.

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2.the application of R134a refrigerant

(1) Automotive air conditioning refrigerant: R134a is one of the mainstream products of automotive air conditioning refrigerant, replacing R12 refrigerant gas. It has good environmental performance and refrigeration effect, and is widely used in automotive refrigeration system.

(2) Household air conditioning refrigerant: R134a refrigerant gas is non-toxic, tasteless, non-combustible, non-explosive, safe and environmentally friendly, suitable for household air conditioning and commercial air conditioning refrigeration system.

(3) Industrial field: R134a refrigerant gas can be used for medium and low temperature industrial refrigeration, such as food preservation, frozen food, gas liquefaction and other fields.

(4) Commercial field: R134a refrigerant gas can be used for commercial refrigeration, such as supermarket refrigeration, freezer, ice machine and other fields.

(5) Other fields: R134a refrigerant gas can also be used in medicine, chemical, aerospace and other fields to ensure the stability of temperature and quality.

In short, R134a refrigerant gas has good environmental performance, safety performance and refrigeration effect, and has become one of the mainstream products in the field of refrigeration, which is widely used in automotive air conditioning, household air conditioning, commercial air conditioning, industrial refrigeration, commercial refrigeration and other fields, bringing convenience and comfort to people's production and life.

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