The Role of Sulfur Dioxide in Glass Tempering Furnace
Time : 2024-04-09
The role of sulfur dioxide in glass tempering furnace

I, accelerate the tempering process In glass tempering furnace, sulfur dioxide is an important gaseous agent, its role is to promote the tempering process of glass. When the glass is cooled rapidly at high temperatures, the surface of the glass will form a harder shell, while the inside is still a more fragile state. At this time, sulfur dioxide can form a vulcanization layer on the glass surface, increasing the hardness and toughness of the glass surface.

At the same time, sulfur dioxide can also help accelerate the tempering process, shorten the tempering time, and improve the efficiency of glass production. In the glass heating process, by controlling the flow rate and concentration of sulfur dioxide, the tempering process can be accurately controlled and optimized.

Second, promote the cleaning of the glass surface.

II.Sulfur dioxide can also promote the cleaning of glass surfaces. In the tempering process, due to the fast solidification speed of the glass surface, the surface sometimes forms a layer of oxide, such as tin oxide. These oxides affect the transparency and texture of the glass surface.

By adding sulfur dioxide, the oxide on the glass surface can be effectively removed and the quality of the glass surface can be improved. In addition, sulfur dioxide can also form a protective layer on the glass surface to prevent pollutants from adhering to the glass surface.

III. Reduce oxygen content and prevent oxidation

In addition to speeding up the tempering process and cleaning the surface, sulfur dioxide can also reduce the oxygen content in the furnace. During the tempering process, oxygen will come into contact with the glass surface, resulting in an oxidation reaction on the glass surface, affecting the quality and appearance of the glass.

By adding sulfur dioxide, the oxygen content can be reduced in the furnace, so that the surface of the tempered glass is not easy to be oxidized, and the quality and appearance of the glass are guaranteed.

【 Conclusion 】

Sulfur dioxide is an important gas agent in glass tempering furnace. It can accelerate the tempering process, promote the cleaning of the glass surface, reduce the oxygen content, prevent oxidation, and ensure the quality and appearance of the tempered glass. However, attention should be paid to controlling the concentration and flow of sulfur dioxide during use, so as not to affect the environment and the human body.

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