Product Description

Hydrogen chloride is a colorless, toxic, irritating, asphyxiating, non-flammable gas;Strong hygroscopicity, absorption of moisture in the air, the formation of hydrochloric acid, has a strong corrosive.

CAS No.: 7647-01-0

EINECS No.: 231-595-7

UN No.: UN1050

Purity: 99.9%, 99.999%

Dot Class: 2.3

Appearance: Colorless

Grade Standard: Chemical Grade; Electronic Grade

SpecificationChemical gradeElectronic grade
Nitrogen ppm(v) ≤2002.0
Hydrogen ppm(v) ≤200-
Carbon Monoxide ppm(v)≤501.0
Carbon Dioxide ppm(v)≤2002.0
Oxygen+Argon ppm(v)≤201.0
Hydrocarbon ppm(v)≤3251.0
Water ppm(v)≤51.0

1.Hydrogen chloride is commonly used in the manufacture of pharmaceutical intermediates, pesticides and fine chemicals , regulate the PH of solutions.

2.Hydrogen chloride gas is mainly used for making dyes, fragrances, medicines, various chlorides and corrosion inhibitors.

3.Hydrogen chloride used in glass processing, metal cleaning, corrosion photography, pottery manufacturing, food processing.

4.Hydrogen chloride used in organic synthesis catalyst, solvent, etchant, inorganic chloride manufacturing, rubber.

5.Electronic grade hydrogen chloride products are mainly used for gas-phase polishing, epitaxial base corrosion and cemented carbide manufacturing of monocrystalline silicon in semiconductor device production. Electronic gas, standard gas, oxidation, chemical vapor deposition, led, etc.



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